Crescent Island

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Welcome to the Crescent Island Website.

It is here you will discover all you want to know about our island and our heritage.

You are invited to peruse the pages.  

We would like to thank our friends around the world that have assisted with us telling the Crescent Island story.

Crescent Island is an independent island lying just a few kilometers outside the claims of Pitcairn Island, The Republic of Kiribati and French Polynesia in the South Pacific Ocean.

Our low lying island is actually two islets connected by a sand spit at low tide.  The total land area is about 200 acres.  We have an extensive reef.  Today our island is a land of plenty, growing more than enough food and enough variety in vegetation to sustain the population.  

We are governed by our own, the elders among us, who collectively decide the law of the island through the ‘Fono’ or the assembly of those with the greatest wisdom and experience.  

As to our knowledge we are not claimed by any nation and acknowledge and pay no homage to any nation, only our small island.  

We do pay for insurance for medical evacuation and in times to eminent peril, for the evacuation of the population, although this has never happened.  We also receive weather reports from French Polynesia and we have two way radio contact with passing vessels and nearby islands in time of need.  

Economically, we fund ourselves through the sale of handicrafts and other items with a liberal contribution from friends of the island who are deeply concerned about our wellbeing.  

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