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Crescent Island Newspaper Considered

Posted by Bill on September 14, 2013 at 7:00 PM Comments comments (0)

Joe Paki has been learning from the internet and has something to share.  It's about the Pitcairn Island Miscellany.

Joe says the tiny island despite its irregular and sporatic visitation has had a monthly newspaper for decades but now that newspaper is no longer available in printed form.  This publication is an internet newspaper available only to subscribers.

Joe said a newspaper has been considered for years but it was never published because mailing was such a problem.  Joe noted it was an issue on Pitcairn but editions were mailed quarterly.  For Crescent it would be once ir twice a year at most.  With internet, news can be sent in a timely fashion.

A proposal had been hashed for a newspaper that would be sent by internet to the United States where it would be laid out, printed and mailed with islanders getting a percentage of the subscription price, however the lack of control was a factor to the islanders.

Joe now says it is possible for a newspaper to be sent via email to subscribers.  Islanders are now looking at the new venture.

Joe indicated Crescent Island was of interest to some throughout the world and a newspaper that shared glimpes of every day life on the island would be valuable enough for some people to pay for this information. 

"It's a no pass today but we are talking" said Joe Paki who feels the newspaper may happen.

Crescent Island Coins Coing Soon

Posted by Bill on February 1, 2013 at 6:20 PM Comments comments (0)

As you may know, the 2006 release of acrylic coins in blue, lime green and golden yellow are almost entirely sold out and are becomiing quite difficult to find.

With 2013, a coin release has been authoorized for the first Crescent Island metal coins.  These will be substantial copper nickel coins and as of Fenruary 1, 2013, we feel these will be available at, the mint that will coordinate the release and distribution on behalf of Crescent Island.